18th November, 2008

The official trailer is up on Paramount's Star Trek movie site. Trailer 2.

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15th November, 2008

A sneaky copy of the Star Trek trailer has wound up online. Of course, the quality isn't too crash hot. The official teaser trailer should be on the Paramount site within a day or two, but it's here on Youtube if you can't wait.

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20th October, 2008

The official Star Trek movie Website has been updated (but only a little bit though, so don't get too excited).  The Gallery has some fullscreen images. You can also check the film's release dates in various countries by clicking on the flags and "Worldwide Release Dates".

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19th October, 2008

It looks like Paramount will be gearing up its marketing campaign for Star Trek. This will include a media tour kicking off in a number of European cities and showing portions of the film to journalists in an effort to build some buzz. The cities and dates haven't been confirmed yet, but will include Madrid, London and Paris. Of course, there will be a U.S. press tour as well. All of this will coincide with the release of the trailer in cinemas in November.

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18th October, 2008

The new Star Trek trailer will be shown with the new James Bond film Quantum of Solace, which will premiere on November 14th, 2008.

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16th October 2008

A couple of promo stills from Star Trek are up in the Star Trek gallery, under Film Screencaps.

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4th October, 2008

The official trailer for the documentary Reclaiming The Blade is up on Youtube, and Karl makes an appearance in it.

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14th September, 2008

You can watch a video of the red carpet arrivals at the Qantas NZ Film & TV Awards on Youtube. Karl and his wife arrive at the 3:12 mark.

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13th September, 2008

Karl won the Best Supporting Actor Award at the Qantas NZ Film & TV Awards tonight in Auckland for his role of Nick Harvey in Out Of the Blue. A couple of pics can be seen in Gallery 7 (last two pics).

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8th September, 2008

There was an interview with Karl on New Zealand TV (3 News NZ) recently for KidsCan, a children's charity in New Zealand. Be patient with the video, it may take a while to load.

The video is here.

A big thanks to Helen for the heads up :-)

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11th August, 2008

A new Star Trek Poster has been released. It was unveiled at the Star Trek Creation Convention in Las Vegas (August 6-10). Pics are here and here. 


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29th July, 2008

Karl in TR2N? Could this be true? According to some sources, Karl is going to be in the Tron sequel, officially called called TR2N. Although Disney is being very secretive about this, the cast definitely includes Jeff Bridges, and he seems to be the only cast member confirmed. Some sources falsely claimed Sean Connery and Ricky Gervais were in it too, so we'll have to wait and see if Karl is actually in TR2N or not.

A promo clip that was buzzing about the Net has been removed from Youtube due to a copyright claim by The Walt Disney Company, but I found it here. It's not good quality, as it was filmed from the audience at Comic-Con. The clip was also originally done to be shown in 3-D, but the right eye wasn't finished in time, so the clip was screened in plain old 2-D. It was directed by Joe Kosinski, who is also slated to direct the feature. 

Anyway, Karl's casting may be a hoax, but stay tuned for more info if and when it emerges.


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21st July, 2008

Karl did a recent interview with SFX Magazine where he talks about Star Trek.

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18th June, 2008

Check out capitolfilms.com for a sneak peak at some pics of Karl's new film, Black Water Transit.

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7th June, 2008

The birthday boy is 36 today.

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16th June, 2008

For any Kiwis reading this, there are still some  tickets left for Fantasia, the uber glamorous lingerie show on June 25 at the Auckland Town Hall. It's a KidsCan fundraiser with DJs, models, singers and dancers, and Karl Urban is among the special guests.

Tickets are $45 for General Admission (allocated seating in Circle and Balcony areas) and include entry to the after party at Opium. Phone 309-2677 if you're interested in going and helping a good cause.

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24th May, 2008

stuff.co.nz  has a new interview Karl did with Chris Gardner from the Waikato Times. 

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13th May, 2008

Word is Karl has been cast in a film with Laurence Fishburne called The Last Warrior.

According to Baseline StudioSystems, Karl's character is Alexander and the film will be directed by John Eyres. Only a brief synopsis of film is available - In the post-apocalyptic world of 2060, a rookie cop fights to save the woman he loves from a genetically engineered warrior.

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7th May, 2008

In a years time the gala premiere for the new Star Trek movie is happening. The movie's director, JJ Abrams, is offering up two tickets to the premiere for a charity auction going on right now on ebay.com. The auction ends at 6PM Saturday May 11. Happy bidding. 

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30th April, 2008

Demian Lichtenstein is set to direct 3-D action feature “Relentless” for Baldwin Entertainment, with London-based Velvet Octopus handling international sales.

The $25 million movie will star Kiwi actor Karl Urban. It will shoot this September in Puerto Rico, produced by Eric Mitchell.

It’s the story of four extreme sports professionals who survive a plane crash in the Amazon jungle, and must use all their survival instincts as they are hunted by a group of homicidal natives.

Lichtenstein, best known for directing “3000 Miles to Graceland,” has been shadowing James Cameron on “Avatar,” and has been trained in 3-D techniques by James Mainard and Phil McNally of DreamWorks.

“I am fascinated with the new 3-D technology and know that this script is a perfect match to take advantage of the unlimited potential of what 3-D can do,” Lichtenstein commented. “After being mentored by James Cameron on the set of his new 3-D film ‘Avatar,’ I knew that 3-D movies are no longer just a fad. It is the future of filmmaking.”

Velvet Octopus has a five-pic deal with producer Ash Shah, which includes two more 3-D projects, both CGI animated — “Outback,” the story of a white koala bear [sic], and “The Legend of Spyro,” a spin-off from the best-selling video game. 

Info courtesy of variety.com

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23rd April, 2008

Star Trek's original Chekov, Walter Koenig, has been quoted as saying Karl Urban sounds "just like DeForest" to his ears. A guy called Jay Garmon, who worked with Walter Koenig at a Sci-Fi convention, mentions this tidbit in his blog.

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18th March, 2008

I got my grubby little hands on another copy of the NZ cooking show Karl was on recently. As it's better quality, I'll redo the caps and put them up in the next few days. Many thanks to Ann for going to the trouble of putting it on a disc and sending it to me.

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1st March, 2008

Screencaps are up of Karl's appearance on Anne Thorpe's cooking show, Kai Ora. You'll find them in the TV Screencaps section. Look for Kai Ora at the bottom of the menu under Shortland Street.

Many thanks to lookingglassf1 for the download from which I was able to make the caps.

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25th February, 2008

The Stalker Special: Karl was spotted walking along Ponsonby Rd, Auckland, barefoot...again.

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24th February, 2008

Karl will be appearing on a NZ cooking show called Kai Ora tonight. It will be aired on Maori Television at 7pm, so if you're in NZ, tune in and watch it.

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14th February, 2008

Variety reports that Paramount is pushing back the release date for Star Trek from December 25,2008 to May 8, 2009, saying the film's gross potential is greater if it is a summer release.

While we're on this subject, this change has also given rise to a rumour about William Shatner being in the film. There's no confirmation yet from sources at Paramount, so fans can only hope it's true. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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12th February, 2008

It looks like the John McTiernan movie Run is back on and it looks like Karl may no longer be involved. According the several movie sources online, Run has been re-cast with Thomas Jane in the lead role.

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5th February, 2008

Some more Star Trek News...no Karl specific content:

Screenrant.com has leaked some Star Trek spoilers. Despite many rumours to the contrary, apparently the story does not just involve time travel. It actually explores alternate timelines, and jumps between them quite a bit.

Although it looks like they're being very faithful to the original Enterprise design, in an alternate timeline there will be a significantly different version of the NCC-1701 - essentially an all-out warship.

Some of the film will also take place in the time of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Klingons will in fact appear in this film.

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21st  January, 2008

The first  teaser is up for the Star Trek movie at the official Star Trek Website.

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18th January, 2008

Last night Karl turned up at the premier of Cloverfield, which J.J. Abrams produced. A few Star Trek cast members went along too. I've added several pics - look under Images in Gallery 6.

IESB.net also has an interview with Karl at the Cloverfield premier and he talks about Star Trek and playing Bones.

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17th January, 2008

Paramount has an official Star Trek Website. It's currently under construction, so stay tuned...the teaser trailer will be there on January 21st.

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16th January, 2008

Courtesy of hollywoodchicago.com, here's a description of the Star Trek teaser trailer that's due to be shown with Cloverfield.

Slow Paramount logo.

Bad Robot logo.

Black, suddenly some sparks (very saturated [with] Michael Bay-looking cinematography).

We hear an old NASA radio countdown: “30 seconds and counting.”

Close up of a timeless guy with goggles leaning down doing some wielding and sparks flying around.

He lifts his googles. Slightly futuristic head covering. It’s not a space suit, by the way.

The dude leans down and wields some more. He’s standing on big metal.

“From director J.J. Abrams” (blue font with a nice lens flare).

Some Kennedy speech about space flight: “The eyes of the world now look to space.”

People walking around the saucer section. The wielders are everywhere – showing size.

We hear: “The eagle has landed.”

Huge overhead shot pans across [and] suddenly [shows] what looks like miles of scaffolding underneath.

Title: “The future begins”.

Really impressive shot from … people all over the ship and you can see a huge industrialized city or shipyard in the background. It’s being built on Earth [rather than] in space.

Neil Armstrong: “One small step for man…”

Camera slowly cranes up over the whole saucer section.

Then we hear Leonard Nimoy’s line: “Space. The final frontier…” and the familiar “Star Trek” theme horns.

The shot continues [and reveals] the writing on the top of the saucer – “U.S.S. Enterprise” – and these huge aircraft-like warp engines in the background. Technically, the first reveal of what we’re seeing.

Just the Starfleet log (no title).

Title card: “Under construction”.

“Christmas 2008”

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13th January, 2008

Comanche Moon premiers tonight on CBS in the U.S. Parts 2 and 3 will air on the 15th  and 16th.

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8th January, 2008

On February 26th, Sony will be releasing the 2-DVD set of Comanche Moon - The Road to Lonesome Dove. It will feature extra footage only available on the DVD. RRP is $29.95US.

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7th January, 2008

Comanche Moon airs on CBS next week, so don't forget to watch it if you're in the U.S. 

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1st January, 2008

CBS has some Comanche Moon clips up at their site, so check them out here.

Just in case you want to know, Karl is featured in clips 3, 4, 5 and 8, as well as the Behind the Scenes and Cowboy Camp clips. I took plenty of sceencaps of the vids and they've been added to Comanche Moon in the TV Screencaps section. Enjoy.

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