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Now for a little information about the people behind Karl Urban Online.

The CEO:

Lou (aka Necromancer): When not asserting her jackbooted Administrator's iron grip on the masses over at Urbanites, this Esperanto speaking Sydneysider is a mild mannered hausfrau whose alter ego is the world's shortest and clumsiest international spy. She likes living life on the edge and has been known to ride her exercise bike while drunk...a little known fact is she has won the Tour de France seven times.

The General Manager:

Deb (aka Bally): Originally from Northern Ireland, she has been living in Melbourne, Australia for the past thirty odd years, so it's quite possible she's just really lost and hasn't asked for directions home. She is the Main Head Überboss at Urbanites who likes to play in the backyard with her Action!Eomer doll. (Here's proof.) She is also Queen Screencapper™ for KUO, and is a live theatre loving secret Ninja master in her spare time.

The Personal Assistant:

Mr B (aka Mr B): Lives in the deep dark depths of Sydney and has recently stopped sniffing glue due to some strange side effects. He is owned by 6 cats and a cattle dog and is addicted to playing computer games like Doom. He also loves to walk around the house nekkid. OK, that's probably not true, but it is a fantasy of mine.

That just about does it. Any errors, naturally, are my own, but as always, society is to blame.

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